Best Scuba Diving Gifts – Valentine Day Ideas


Best Scuba Diving Gifts – Ideas for Valentine Day

Scuba Diving Presents - Valentine Scuba Gift IdeasLike every year on 14. of February people are searching for the best Valentine Day present for their loved ones or friends, since it’s THE Day not only for Lovers but also for friendship. Do you have Scuba Divers in the Family, Diving Friends or is your Husband/Wife a Diver? Or yourself you are a Certified Diver and you would like to introduce your Partner, Kids to Scuba Diving? Then scroll down this page and have a good look because you might find the RIGHT GIFT right here or at least it will help you ! I have searched for you the Internet and listed some ideas and for saving your time, I linked most of the products directly to the Product Page!

Gift Certificate for Scuba Diving

Your loved one always wanted to go diving or get certified and maybe is all the time talking about diving? Most of the Diving Centers would love to make you a gift certificate for a Discover Scuba Diving or the Open Water Diver Course. Find out with Google, for a nearest Dive Center to where you live and contact them. Is Playa del Carmen your next Holiday destination then get in touch with me to discuss the handling for such a certificate with Diving Riviera Maya.

 eLearning Gift-Pass for PADI Certification Courses

The eLearning Gift-Pass is a PIN-Number for Access to the PADI’s eLearning Programm which enables to go through the complete academical part of the Diving Courses. After this it remains only the practical part with a Dive Center. I have a special offer for you!

Scuba Clothing, Gadgets and more

Check out the Gifts I created for you!

Check out the Gifts I created for you!

I have recently started  to design for you some Gift Products on Zazzle. There are not many products yet but successively I will create more. The huge advantage on Zazzle is you can customize almost all products to your own convenience!

Here you find the Shop (for US-Citizen) or just click on your Flag


Apart of the own creations we searched for you on Zazzle for more Gifts from other Designers click the Image below for Your Special Collections!

Click here to see your Collection - specially made for you

Click here to see your Collection – specially made for you

Diving Movies & DVD’s

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BBC Life

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BBC LIFE is one of the best documentaries with amazing, really amazing and awesome pictures. Nature at its best!

This documentary is not only about the ocean and all its wonderful aquatic life but life in general all around the world. This makes it not only for Scuba Divers interesting.

No wonder it has excellent reviews (except the version narrated by Oprah Winfrey)

Choose between Blue Ray, DVD or Instant Video (for only $1.99 or HD $2.99)

The Blue Planet: Seas of Life

The Blue Planet - Seas of Life

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The Blue Planet is one of the best marine life documentaries. Every frame is an absolute treat to watch.” Quote from someone reviewing this documentary.

What more shall I say…

…by the way buying by you can send it as a present!


James Cameron’s Sanctum

James Cameron's Sanctum

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To be honest I don’t know if it is a good Idea to put this Movie on this particular list. Why? Sanctum might not for everyone especially not for people that are not divers yet and think diving is claustrophobic. Let me tell you it is not but of course this can change in caves.
And although the story is based on a real life, don’t forget it’s a Thriller Movie and so it’s supposed to scare you! On the other side this Movie is spectacular in pictures and shows you how wonderful the caves are and lets you have a look in this mysterious, stunning world which an average human eye never will see.

See other reviews here…

To make this long list shorter I made this Widget with some more Ideas…


Books/Magazin about Scuba Diving

Dive Atlas of the World

Dive Atlas of the World

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The Dive Atlas of the World takes you on a tour around the world’s dive sites. The Pictures are taken from award-winning underwater photographers and it’s written by leading writers with contributions from local experts.
This book has very good reviews and it’s mentioned that the hardcover looks much more expensive as it really is.


The Complete Diver

The Complete Diver

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Going through the Reviews of this Book I definitely must have that book! So, if any one reading this and wants to make me a present… go for it! ;)

The Author of this book was an Educational Program Development Manager for PADI (this means all the learning Materials of PADI’s Certification Programs have been done under his supervision!)

The Complete Diver tells about the History, Science and Practice of Scuba Diving and is interesting for Divers from beginners to professionals but also for all who want to know more about diving, marine science and ocean exploration. Read complete description and reviews


Scuba Diving Magazin

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SCUBA DIVING is a Magazine with 6 issues a year and writes about different Dive Sites, destinations, Reviews of Hotels/Resorts and Dive Gear. Very interesting to read and has very professional and amazing Underwater Photography.

It has a very low price, especially compared to other Diving Magazines.

Get it here or read reviews what other people think about this Magazine


Scuba Gear and more Gadgets

Handmade Sterling Silver Diver Charm

Sterling Silver Charm - Diver, 1.6

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Imagine a beam of light cutting through dark, silent water and landing on the promising shape of a shipwreck appearing out of the gloom. Remember the thrill of a treasure hunt each time you look at the beautiful handmade sterling silver charm depicting a Diver holding a flashlight. This figurine makes a unique gift for all devoted divers and looks great as a key chain charm or car rear-view mirror ornament. Sterling Silver Charm is approximately 1.6″ (4.1 cm) in size and 0.37 oz (10.5 g) in weight.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles for Scuba Divers and Ocean Adventurers.

TankH2O Water Bottle

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For divers and adventurers alike, carry a TankH2O Water Bottle to show your love of the sport and the dive lifestyle.

As a Gift:
TankH2Os Water Bottle make great gifts for your dive buddy, your friends, or the crew on your next ocean adventure.


I’d Rather Be Diving License Plate Frame

I'd Rather Be Diving License Plate Frame

Caught in a traffic jam, some place you’d rather be! Let them know you’re a diver! This handsome I’d Rather Be Diving License Plate Frame will tell people that you dive. Frame has three red and white traditional dive flag along the top with I’d Rather Be Diving below. This I’d Rather Be Diving License Plate Frame is great as a gift for your diving significant other or friend.

Again to make it shorter here is a collection of some more interesting Scuba Diving Gift Ideas. (Hover over Picture for more informations about product or click to go to this product directly)