Ride a Shark Shaped Submersible Watercraft

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Ride a Shark Shaped Submersible Watercraft!

It’s easy, it’s Fun and it looks great! Dive 6 Feet Down at 20mph with this amazing Shark, Dolphin or Killer Whale Shaped Submersible! Rob Innes and Dan Piazza founded in 1997 their Company named Innespace Productions. Together as Innespace they have designed and built numerous Submersible Watercraft for recreational and demonstration use.

At Innespace Productions, our purpose is to bring the unique experience of underwater flight to waterways around the world by building exciting, safe, and reliable submersible watercraft. For over ten years, we have been developing watercraft that push the limits of what people can do in the water: diving, jumping, rolling, porpoising, and other amazing aquabatic tricks, all within the safety and comfort of a dry, sealed cockpit. Innespace works closely with marine safety organizations to construct vessels that are simple to operate and that meet or exceed marine safety requirements.

This particular one they named it “Seabreacher, The Ultimate Diving Machine!” The Seabreacher doesn’t only look awesome, it is for sure a fun ride with these Sea Creatures Shaped Submersibles as you can see below on the British TV2 Reportage which they also use as a promotional Video on their Website.

Obviously it seems to be very easy to learn how to Ride a Shark Shaped Submersible Watercraft! For only about 90’000 US$ you can name a custom-built version your own and if you wish let them design and apply any custom paint scheme for your hand-built Seabreacher.

As mentioned in the second half of the Video above the Seabreacher is not the only great Water Toy that Innespace developed. They also designed the Jetovator which is a Motorbike-like vehicle and works like the Water Powered Jetpack you might have seen too.

Jetovator the alternative of a Water Powered Jetpack

The Jetovator is quite more affordable but not less fun than the Seabreacher. The basic ‘Kit’ is about 7’000 US$ but you still need a Sea Doo like the ones offered by Yamaha or Kawasaki.

To see the Jetovator in action and how easy it is to learn, check their promotional Video

If you don’t want to buy the Seabreacher or the Jetovator but you would like to try  it out, for sure you can find Companies that rent them. Best way to find rentals is to get in touch with the developers.

For more information  go to Seabreacher.com or www.jetovator.com

What are your thoughts about this two cool Water Toys?

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