Mares Matrix Wrist Computer

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Mares Matrix Wrist Computer

Mares Matrix Wrist Computer

We just ordered at LeisurePro the Mares Matrix Wrist Computer.

The reasons for choosing this Dive Computer and Watch from Mares as Dive Professionals are:

  • As it serves also as a very nice Watch that can be weared all time makes it an equipment part less to think about, when you go for a dive
  • Full-Dot Matrix High Resolution Display (reading the display from every angle without problems)
  • Battery is rechargeable and if you have to replace it, you can do it by yourself (This usually isn’t an issue, but if it happens, that you have to change battery while in a country or island with less or none support it can get a bit tricky)
  • The supplied Charging Cradle is also a PC/Mac Interface for Downloading Firmware Upgrades. (for most Dive Computers you have to purchase the interface or connecting cable separately!)
  • Up to three different Gas Mixtures during a single Dive, that lets you be prepared also for Tec-Diving
  • Full-Tilt Digital Compass
  • 24 months guarantee!
  • Very good Price! Approximately before one year the price was about US $720 now you can purchase it for only US $429 at LeisurePro

Commercial Video of Mares showing features of the Matrix Wrist Computer

A Closer Look in the Mares Matrix Wrist Computer – Manual

White Mares Matrix Wrist ComputerAfter having a closer look in the Manual of the Mares Matrix Wrist Computer  (found online on the Mares Website!) we encountered some very interesting features. The Watch Mode has two different timezones. With this you know every moment the time back home and you don’t have to calculate to see if you can for example call home at that particular moment.

Further it allows you to change the algorithm (P0) to be more conservative (P1 or P2). Of course you can change between metric and imperial. And quite important for Dive Professionals like Dive Instructors, it is possible to turn off the fast ascent violation due their teaching requirements, when finding themselves in such a situation! Also the audible alarms can be switched off.

Another interesting option is the desat erase that allows you to reset the nitrogen saturation to zero, thereby erasing the effects of a previous dive. In cases you want to lend the Dive Computer to a friend or from a friend/Dive-Center.

Mares Matrix Wrist Computer DisplaysThe Matrix Wrist Computer can record up to 35 hours of diving in a Logbook. While charging battery you can download the Logbook on your PC/Mac and make space for new dives.

A feature, that the most divers will appreciate to have, is the Dive Planner. It helps you to see, if you need a longer surface interval for your next planned dive or if you’re ready to jump in and enjoy your next dive.

The integrated Digital Compass of Mares Matrix Wrist Computer

In general you can’t compare Analog with Digital Compasses. An Analog Compass is to be prefered in any case. The Mares Matrix integrated Digital Compass promises, that you don’t need to hold the compass leveled for it to be accurate. Mares calls that Full-Tilt Compass. We will report about it in our Review of the Mares Matrix Wrist Computer as soon as possible. Where we will compare also the Matrix Digital Compass with an Analog Compass.

See here the complete description, specifications and reviews of the Mares Matrix Wrist Computer

As soon as we get the Mares Matrix Dive Computer we will test it extensively and publish our in detail Review of the Mares Matrix Wrist Computer here. Stay tuned!

Do YOU have already experienced the Mares Matrix Wrist Computer? Or which Dive Computer do YOU use? Please tell us your thoughts or doubts.

We Love to hear from You! Now even easier just choose...

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