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2 thoughts on “I Love Scuba Diving

  1. Ximena Mora Ziemba

    Why do i love Scuba Diving? Come on! It lets you explore a whole new universe underwater… it is like dreaming, nothing feels as real as dreams, nothing feels as real and awesome as floating, breathing and hearing the world in a complete different way as we knew from the day we were born… and then, oh, my, being able to be sorrounded by the amazing life that surprises you every single moment with the bright colours, the unimaginable shapes, the way they move around you or, even better, how they stay by your side sharing the beauty of life, trusting you… So, after two DSDs I truly need to do my Open Water Course, of course!!! Can I do it with you???

    • Dennis SeahorseOne Post author

      Hi Ximena :)
      Wow what a nice description!!
      Yes it really sounds like you should do the Open Water Diver Certification and we would love to certify you and you know what’s the best of it? In this Certification Course are 4 Open Water Dives included where you will have lots of fun, experience and see loads of wonderful things! …just contact us here to handle the details for your OWD-Course.
      Thanks for your lovely comment :)


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