How to make Pancakes – Make Sea Critters shaped Pancakes

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How to make Pancakes – Make Sea Critters shaped Pancakes

Did you ever ask yourself how to make Pancakes in different shapes? Probably you struggle enough with making ‘normal’ ones. Well I just found this Video below, where you can see how easy it is, easier than you would think. Nathan kids demonstrate it very passionately!

Nathan Shields is the creator of these Sea Critters shaped Pancakes in the picture above. He is a math teacher and father of 2 kids and while living in Saipan (largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands, an unincorporated territory of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean) for a few months he had the idea to entertain his kids by making some fun shaped Pancakes. What a great Idea!

If you ask them today to make just a normal pancake, probably they won’t be anymore able to do it. Most likely every Pancake-Day they create new shapes of Pancakes and luckily for us Nathan shares all of these creations on

Make Sea Critters shaped Pancakes!

After this demonstration hopefully you now know how to make Pancakes with different shapes, because we challenge you to make Sea Critters shaped Pancakes and send us a photo of your self-made Sea Critter Pancake on info (@) We’d love to share your pictures here!

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