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Diving Adventures Riviera Maya MexicoMap of Riviera Maya Mexico

Coming to the Riviera Maya is like arriving in Divers Paradise (but not only). There are so many places to scuba dive either you like Wrecks, Sharks, Turtles, huge Morey-Eels, Eagle-Rays, Drift or Wall diving, Cenotes (Cave/Cavern), Swimthroughs or even diving in the biggest Underwater Museum in the World (MUSA)! What is on your Wish-List? We, Diving Riviera Maya, make it possible!

Not an Experienced Diver yet?

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced Diver or a beginner, with our know-how we can choose for you the right dive site. In general we prefer to do the first dives in shallow reefs about 12 m/40 ft before we go with you to the deeper dive sites (max 30 m/ 100 ft). This has a few advantages, since it has been maybe a while from your last dive you can get used again to your equipment, buoyancy, breathing and more. With this way we make sure you will have the confidence and feel more comfortable to enjoy your dive best!

Not a Certified Diver yet? 

If you’re not a Certified Diver yet, you still can have a Diving Adventure making PADI’s (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Discover Scuba Diver Program, where you can explore a completely new world and aquatic life. Who knows, maybe after that you get the ‘bug’ and want to make the Open Water Course (OWD) the first PADI Certification? Which is for lifetime and valid all over the World and by the way for students it means to get university credits!

Major attraction throughout the Riviera Maya

Reef aquatic activities (Scuba Diving, Snorkeling etc.) are a major attraction throughout the Riviera Maya. Especially for the Mesoamerican Reef the largest in the Northern Hemisphere, that starts near Cancun and endures along the entire length of the Riviera Maya continuing southward to Guatemala. After the Great Barrier Reef of Australia it’s the longest in the world. That’s the reason for Best Diving Adventures in the Riviera Maya!

Traveling with Non-Divers

Around the Riviera Maya there are many non diving adventures you can do. That’s why it makes it a perfect destination, if you are traveling with non-divers! While you are diving, enjoying and exploring the underwater world of the Riviera Maya, the non-diver fellow travelers can visit the Mayan Ruins (Chichen Itza, Tulum), Biosphere of Sian Kaan, Snorkeling in Akumal-Beach with Turtles and Stingrays, Rio Secreto and Kantun-Chi (Cenotes) or make ATV Tours etc. Even better there are some things you can do together like the Cenotes, Cozumel or the Underwater Museum where you dive and the others can snorkel and you are still together! As you can see there are lots of adventures in the Riviera Maya!

Whale-Sharks / Sailfish / Bull-Sharkswhale_shark

Whale-Sharks and Sailfish snorkeling are non-diving activities you definitely have to do as diver. The season for Whale-Sharks is bsailfishetween mid Mai and September. Everyone who did, says it’s Lifetime experience, don’t miss it! Ah, by the way Whale-Sharks eat mainly plankton so there is no dangerBull Shark 001 and no reason to be afraid of, just in case!
Diving from Playa del Carmen in deeper water (20 m – 30 m/60 ft – 90 ft) between November and February there are good chances to encounter Bullsharks! In this season you come across also with the beautiful Eagle-Rays. Another extremely experience is to snorkel where the Sailfishes are hunting the Bait-Ball of Sardines.(Sailfish season December to March)

Best place to stay in the Riviera Maya

We recommend you to choose a Hotel as close as possible to Playa del Carmen or ‘Playa’ as the locals call it fondly. Playa is more or less in the middle between Cancun and Tulum. That makes it the best place to start off your diving and other adventures! It makes it also easier and cheaper (Taxi costs), if you would like going for shopping in the famous 5th Avenue (La Quinta) or enjoy the Nightlife of Playa del Carmen.

World famous Cozumel Island

The Island Cozumel belongs to the top 10 destinations on the World for divers. The reasons for that are incredible visibility (like 30 m/100 ft and more), great Walls to dive, probably the best part of the Mesoamerican Reef here in Mexico and finally made famous by one of the pioneers of diving Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who produced a few documentaries of the second biggest Reef in the world just in front of Cozumel. How to get to Cozumel? Just take the ferry-boat from Playa del Carmen and in about 40 minutes you are there.

Temperatures and Weather

Water temperatures are all the year around about 26°C/79°F to 29°C/84°F and in the Cenotes (Cave/Caverns) 25°C/77°F.
The main rain season is from June to October but is really hard to say because it always can rain for a bit and then it stops and the sunshine comes back! Although around September it can be a bit more. The good thing is the temperature stays always ‘warm’ (21°C/70°F to 33°C/91°F) with hottest around July/August.

Diving in the Riviera Maya (Yucatán Peninsula) and with us Diving Riviera Maya you choose to have the best diving experiences you can get.

Get in contact with info@divingrivieramaya.com or click here.

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