Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya

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Discover Scuba Diving in Playa del Carmen,Riviera Maya Mexico

Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya


Doing the Discover Scuba Diving in Playa del Carmen is one of the best places for experiencing your first Underwater Breathing and Scuba Diving. The Water Temperatures, good Visibility and lots of very beautiful shallow reefs will make it very easy to you and most important an Unforgettable Lifetime Experience.

What is the Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya Program?

The Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya is a three Part Experience.Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya

  1. First you learn about how the Pressure affects our Body, the Diving Equipment, Aquatic Life, Signals for the underwater communication and at the end of the first part, there is a briefing for the skills we’re going to do in the Second Part.
  2. Next step is the Confined Water. Confined Water means as much as Swimming-Pool Conditions and it’s not more than the Water-Level going till your chest, so that you’re able to stand up anytime you need to. Here we will practice all the Skills you have been briefed before in the first Part until you feel comfortable and ready to go to the Part 3 and most exciting Part of the Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya Program
  3. Now that you know your equipment and you feel comfortable you are ready to go for the real thing… The Caribbean Ocean! You will explore a wonderful new World, the Underwater World with all its Aquatic Life, Corals and experience the weightless ‘Flying’ over the Reef, the Underwater Breathing and almost feel like a Fish! And don’t be surprised when you encounter a Seaturtle, Stingray or Lobster everything is Possible!

The Reefs are shallow (max. 40 ft /12 m) and we’re using a line for a Slowly and Safe Descend. After this Dive you’re will be so amazed and fascinated that immediately you’d like to go for a second Dive and that’s exactly what Diving Riviera Maya offers you included in the Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya Program! So if this is your wish, you explore a second Reef for Free!

The Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya is not a Certification but it will allow you for one year to dive at a most of 40 ft /12 m and only with a PADI Professional for your own Safety. The good news is in the same year it counts towards to your Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver Course.

Prerequisites for Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya

At least 10 years old!
Good physical shape and fit for Diving, see the Medical Questionnaire. Every question should be answered with a NO, if not or if there’s a doubt please feel free to contact us, we will help you, so that you can do the Discover Scuba Diving in Mexico.

Ah and what I almost forgot to mention, what you NEED do bring is lots of FUN!!Ask a any Diver... it's worth it

How easy is Scuba Diving really?

For all those who have some concerns like: oh but I am claustrophobic, what if I get panic or what if I don’t have Air… let me tell you Scuba Diving is really, really easy most of all because your Diving Instructor is going to lead you step by step to it and give you the time you need to practice in the shallow water until you feel comfortable enough. Then there’s nothing to be claustrophobic off at all especially here in the Caribbean where the water is clear and has a ‘Good Visibility’, so it looks wide open and you won’t feel ‘closed’. Also don’t worry getting out of Air; you have an Air-Gage where you can check your Tank like you do for Gas in your car. Apart of that your Instructor has always an eye on it and even IF it should happen…you have practiced this situation before in the second part of the Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya Program.

Last but not least remember every challenge that you might have in your ‘Diving Career’ and get through it will make you stronger and proud of yourself and we are going to help you too!

Please Contact Us if you have more questions or you need some help. Use also the Comment field below for any doubts you might have.

What is your next Diving Adventure?

Diving in the Carribean

Even if the Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya is not a Certification you will learn a few interesting things about Scuba Diving and after doing the Discover Scuba Diving Riviera Maya you can book with us more Dives as a Discover Scuba Diver and enjoy more Shallow Reefs in the Riviera Maya or you maybe and most likely will love to learn more and get Certified. It’s a very short step to the PADI Scuba Diver or a bit more to the Open Water Diver.

Discover Scuba Diving in Playa del Carmen is a lot of FUN!

Let’s go Diving, Let’s have Fun!

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  1. Yin

    I have always wanted to go scuba diving! Thanks for this information, now I am a step closer to making that dream a reality! Scuba diving in Playa del Carmen sounds magical – I hope to one day be able to make it there :-)


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