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Hi, my name is Dennis. After Diving about 20 years I became a PADI Dive Instructor in 2011. This gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream and my passion, to be able to dive on a daily basis!

But what is diving and get certified? A lot of people lough, when they read in the Open Water Diver (first PADI-Certification) Manual & Video about:

  • Meet people
  • Go to places
  • do different things

It’s true! I meet daily new people and most of the time I become friends with them. I ended up in Mexico, Playa del Carmen and do different things like organizing dives, excursion to the biggest underwater museum or to Cozumel, Guiding different Tours like to Shian’kan, to the WhaleSharks and on my list of ‘to do’  Snorkeling with Sailfish & Bait balls.
So, you see what diving is all about? Exploring a complete new world, under water and also above and lets you do a lot of new things, that you probably never would have done, wouldn’t you be involved with diving!

I never thought, I would do the Dive-Instructor Certification and it was not really in my plans. But then I wanted to change my life and go to places I have never been before and most of all to places, which are ‘dream-destinations’ for divers. So I decided to do the Courses needed to be a Dive Instructor. It was quite a challenge, I can tell you! But completely worth it!! Actually diving can give some challenges as a beginner or even advanced and then, when you accomplish them, you feel really great.

As said, initially getting a Dive-Instructor was for me to go to places and dive… and it didn’t only open me the ways for that, but also to share and pass on my passion to  others. Teaching/introducing people to the diving also showed me the satisfaction you get, seeing people improve their skills and become good divers.

Dennis SeahorseOne

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